Yacht Repairs and Services in New Caledonia

Marine tradesmen in New Caledonia do excellent work and some are very reasonably priced.

Woodworking, specialist in yachts - Al Chipman +687 87 36 56

Welding Nouville Plaisance - Jean-Michel +687 97 64 41

Marine Outboard motor repairs. Nouville Plaisance - Mecanocean +687 27 67 08

Painting, Nouville Plaisance - Clive Judd +687 43 88 89

Machine Shop - Ducos - ATELIER MISSERI +687 27 78 90

The cruising guide to New Caledonia has a complete listing of marine tradesmen with maps showing their location.

If you don't speak French coordinate repairs and refits with Chloe at Noumea Ocean Yacht Services. She speaks both French and English perfectly and knows all the marine tradespeople. Chloe will get you a better deal than you could get yourself.