Reliable, expert local knowledge

richard and freddy


Frederique and I have been cruising the South Pacific for over 40 years aboard our 14.5m cutter Moira. I am a Ph.D. marine scientist and have been living aboard my own boats since 1958. Freddy's ancestors were sea people. We first came to New Caledonia in 1980 and have, over the years, pretty much cruised everywhere. We began making the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia in 2000 (eight years before Google Earth existed) and have constantly updated it with new information and photographs ever since.
We personally did detailed hydrographic surveys of anchorages and challenging reef passes where there are no reliable nautical charts. We have used every one of the 240 GPS routes and anchored in all 220 anchorages shown on the guide.

The message here is that the information on our guide is current, reliable, practical, and easy to find. Whatever you need to know about cruising in New Caledonia is on the guide. You don't have to go online for any of it. There is so much information on the guide you'll probably never see it all - but when you need a suggestion, an idea, or a really clear idea of what you'll find if you go to a likely looking anchorage - you get it right away.