New Caledonia 3 Day Western Lagoon Island Cruise

This is a cruise for people with only 3 days to explore the magnificent New Caledonia Lagoon. You can do it on your own sailing vessel, charter a sail or power boat in Noumea, or hire an outboard or jet-ski and camp on the islands.

The distances are short, just an hour or two sailing for each leg of the journey, and the rewards are spectactular with a menu of white sand beaches, sparkling clear water and colorful coral reefs. While these anchorages are excellent in nice weather, they can be hazardous in unusual weather conditions. Fortunately you are within an couple of hours sailing of protected anchorages from anywhere on this cruise.

(IMPORTANT : These routes are shown on Google Maps and the geographic coordinates of Google Maps are inaccurate in New Caledonia so you must consider these routes as general indications only, not accurate cruising routes. Also, the satellite imagery on Google Maps is inferior to the aerial images on the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia so if you want accurate and safe information for your cruise, order the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia to plan your boating holiday in New Caledonia).

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