10 Reasons why you'll love
cruising New Caledonia.

passages to New Caledonia

1. New Caledonia is close to Australia and New Zealand

New Caledonia is 780 nautical miles from Bundaberg Port Marina in Queensland and 860 nautical miles from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. The passage normally takes less than a week to or from Australia and about a week to or from New Zealand. Perfect for the start or end of a Pacific cruising season. You'll find details on how to make happy passages to New Caledonia in the Cruising Guide.

Sailing to New Caledonia

2. The Best Navigational Aids in the South Pacific

New Caledonia has an impressive system of navigational aids. Reef passes, major routes and all harbours are clearly marked, and lit. The magnificent 56 metre high Amedee Lighthouse built in 1862 symbolizes the long standing French commitment to the maritime community. For more about the Navaids of New Caledonia get your copy of the Rocket Guide's Cruising Guide to New Caledonia. You'll find all the markers and lights displayed the photocharts. The lights flash at the correct frequency and have a circle on the chart showing how far you can see each light and marker.

Navigation Essentials
Amedee Lighthouse
Port Moselle Marina Noumea Harbour

3. Modern Full Service Marinas

Noumea, the primary port of New Caledonia, can berth yachts of any size. There are three public marinas and one private one. The marinas have water, 220vt AC, wireless Internet, and superior marina infrastructure facilities. Our guide has complete details on every Marina thoughout New Caledonia.

New Caledonia Marinas

4. Excellent Slipway and support facilities

Nouville Plaisance has a 50 ton travel lift and the Noumea Port shipyard can take vessels up to 1000 tons. There are three smaller but excellent slipways in Noumea including one set up to handle catamarans and trimarans that are too wide for the Nouville Plaisance slipway. Noumea has well stocked ship's chandleries, competent tradesmen, machine shops, parts and supplies. High quality fuel is easily available in Noumea. The Cruising Guide has the location and contact information for all these and more.

Slipways in New Caledonia
Noumea slipway
Sailing in New Caledonia Lagoon

5. The largest lagoon in the world with lots of excellent anchorages.

It is a real pleasure to sail New Caledonia's vast lagoon. The water is deep, clear and protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world. Over a dozen choice anchorages are within a 2 hour sail of Noumea. You can day-sail around the entire coast of New Caledonia and the outlying islands of Belep, Ouvea, Lifou, Mare and Ile des Pins enjoying over 212 anchorages along the way. We have recently surveyed all anchorages and they are on the latest Cruising Guide to New Caledonia.

Sailing the Lagoon

6. Stunning scenic beauty protected by over 34 marine and terrestrial reserves.

The lush coral reefs, gleaming white sand beaches and exotic island birds and vegetation are protected in a system of marine reserves. Fish in the marine reserves are abundant and tame, offering perfect opportunities for underwater photographers. The entire lagoon is a World Heritage Site. The Cruising Guide to New Caledonia has full details on all the reserves including mooring buoys and important regulations for boats.

Marine Reserves
New Caledonia Marine Parks
Natural swimming pool Isle of Pines

7. Springtime all year round

Extending from the tropics at 18 degrees South to the Temperate zone at Latitude 23 degrees south, New Caledonia enjoys one of the nicest climates on our planet. There is normally a brisk trade wind for sailing and, from December to May, the chance of a tropical cyclone. But all in all, New Caledonia's weather is a delight, made even more perfect by the luminous colours of the lagoon and the islands in the sunshine.

Weather Forecasts

8. A fascinating blend of cultures

Melanesians, Europeans, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Polynesians, Micronesians, Chinese, and others offer visitors a wealth of culinary and cultural delights.

Travel Guide to New Caledonia
Noumea cultural dancing
Baie de Citrons Beach

9. Supplies, entertainment and fun.

In Noumea, supermarkets, shops of every description and transport facilities are readily available to resupply the vessel. Plus there are the pleasures of a major international tourism destination - beaches, night clubs, casinos, museums, restaurants, spas, art centres, festivals and theatres. You'll find full details about these on the cruising guide and on the companion Rocket Travel Guide to New Caledonia

Travel Companion

10. Wilderness areas and trekking.

Take time to go walking on the many wilderness trails of New Caledonia, especially along the fabulous rivers and waterfalls. We have the best treks plotted for you on the cruising guide and the companion Travel Guide to New Caledonia

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Goro Falls New Caledonia
Cruising New Caledonia

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The comprehensive and accurate, easy to use, interactive Rocket Cruising Guide to New Caledonia.

There are no other destinations in the world with cruising and tourism guides like the Rocket Guides to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Plan your cruise in advance and have more fun when you arrive.